Nicholl Food Packaging is to begin a major product development programme following the appointment of its new senior management team.


The team comprises Bill Speirs as Chairman, John Griffiths as Group Chief Executive and Simon Paul as Group Finance Director. Further internal appointments have included John Blackmore as Group Commercial Director, and Jan Van Rompaey as Managing Director of the company’s French and Belgium subsidiary Ecopla.


An in-depth strategic review of the business has now been carried out. The first result of this is the implementation of an investment programme focused on enhanced customer service and improved stock availability.


In addition, the company is embarking on a comprehensive review of its product portfolio to further develop its existing ranges and identify and meet new and emerging market demands and opportunities, with the development and introduction of both new products and materials.


“Nicholl Food Packaging has a proud history of product innovation and customer service but the business still has much untapped potential,” explains Group Chief Executive John Griffiths.


“The aim of the new team is to make use of the huge amount of existing expertise in the development of a range of products that totally meet the requirements of today’s food markets. The need for reliable quality food packaging has never been greater, particularly in reconciling the different demands of convenience, minimising food waste and meeting environmental concerns, and we will work alongside our customers to help address all these issues while ensuring value for money and the highest levels of customer service.”


Mr Griffiths added that as part of this continued expansion and development programme, the company would also be investigating suitable acquisition opportunities throughout Europe.


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