Nicholl Food Packaging has partnered Stora Enso in the launch of the company’s DeLight® Solution in the UK and Ireland, for which Nicholl will now become a major distributor in these territories. DeLight® is a brand new ovenable paperboard tray, accompanied with polymer coating and injection moulded rim, which ensures a gas tight lid seal suitable for MAP applications for processed foods. The strength and performance of the tray means it may not require a carton or sleeve, and it has the option of full colour printing to enhance consumer appeal.


DeLight® combines high quality, premium product presentation with a strikingly different appearance, and provides a sustainable solution that matches the environmental concerns of today’s consumers. The tray’s hybrid construction offers a number of advantages including a largely renewable material content. Wood material is sourced from traceable and responsibly managed forests, while the high share of bio-energy used in the production of paperboard makes it possible to show a low carbon footprint for DeLight® Solution (Life Cycle Analysis available on request).


At the same time, DeLight® offers food processors and retailers a range of options to create strong branding and deliver a high impact pack on shelf. The material’s flexibility means a wide variety of different customised shapes and colours can be created (subject to order quantity), in addition to familiar, standard designs. The tray can be varnished or externally coated and printed in up to five colours. Also offered as an accessory for food and non-food applications is the suggestion of a colourfully printed reclosable board lid, which can include cut/punched window options.


In addition, DeLight® food containers have a number of consumer convenience features. Ovenable to 200°C in conventional oven, fan oven or microwave, the tray is cool to the touch when removed from the oven and, thanks to its strong board construction, will not collapse during cooking. It can be frozen to -40°C.and has excellent light barrier properties.


John Griffiths, Group Chief Executive of the Nicholl Group of Companies said, “DeLight® is a significant development as it meets a number of essential criteria to help achieve a product’s success in highly competitive food markets. It looks attractive on shelf, is packed with user friendly features and offers a convenient ready-to-serve solution. Equally important, it also satisfies the growing consumer trend for environmentally friendly packaging.”