Overwrapping Machine Manufacturers in the World


In this article, we talk about what is overwrapping: film packaging specifically used in industries such as tobacco, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc., where companies seek to add to their products a sense of superiority as well as to offer a layer of protection to the package.

What is Overwrapping and Overwrapping Machine?

In short, overwrapping is a packaging process by which two layers of plastic film are joined to create an impermeable and light-resistant barrier.

For that reason, the overwrapping machine is the most suitable option for products that require maximum safety, such as those belonging to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or video game sectors, for example.


In addition, the overwrapping machine are very flexible in formats, since they adapt to any type of product.

They say that appearance is not everything but, in the case of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, a good presentation of the packaging can be a key factor facing the consumer. For the first impression to be positive, it is essential that our product transmits, from the first moment, good quality signals. Otherwise, the customer might distrust and doubt our product even before opening it.

The packaging requirements in these sectors are very high. The packaging must obviously offer good protection for the products. But above all: perfect packaging gives a luxurious and exclusive look to the product. It should be tightly wrapped and without scratches and scratches.

Put yourself in a situation: which product would you buy first, one that was packed perfectly, or one that presented a battered and/or neglected packaging?

The capping system is ideal for products that require excellent presentation and safety by the consumer. Beyond making the product more attractive, the overwrapping machines allow the preservation of the freshness of the same and, consequently, the increase of the expiration period.

The task performed by an industrial film wrapping machine is to take a length of heat-sealable film from a roller to wrap the product in question with it. This product can be a single item or a batch of items. The folded film is closed thanks to the help of heat sealing devices.

In addition, cellophane overwrapping is a packaging process that requires low consumption and low material costs. Combined with their versatility and flexibility, overwrapping machine stand out as ideal applications for a wide variety of sectors.

How Does Overwrapping Machine Work?

There are many manufacturers of this type of machines: PLAITS, CAM, BFB, IMA, MARDEN, etc. An overwrapping machine performs the bundling and wrapping of parallelepiped-shaped products in film taken from a coil and cut according to established measurements.

Its system of alternating operation “of enabling signals (operations enabled only after previous operation signal executed), allows the machine to work reducing irregularities and waste to a minimum.

As for the operational flow of the machine, the cases enter through a belt to an accumulator (determined by the format required by the customer). When the sufficient accumulation of cases is detected, it is raised above the format plane and a pusher introduces them into the machine, being prepared for encelophaning. The sequence of work is as follows:

Figure. 1: The film hangs vertically on the machine when the product enters into it.

Figure. 2/3: When the product passes, the wrapping material folds around it. The folding machines make the first fold and the product is pushed until it is between the spreaders. At that point the folder backs up again.

Figure. 4: The lower flap folder ascends and the sealing bar descends. Gaskets make longitudinal sealing

Figure. 5: When the next product enters the machine, the folder makers make the second fold.

Figure. 6/7: While the products take turns to each other, the folding plates fold the flap on the upper side first, and then the flap on the lower side.

Figure. 8: Then the side folds are sealed by the sealing plates that open to let the products pass through.

What are the different kinds of Overwrapping Packaging?

According to ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, there are three types of overwrapping packaging according to the area of sealing

  • Fully overwrapping

Just as its name indicates, the film wrapping carton at the horizontal end is shrunk totally by heat to seal the overwrapping packaging. Fully-sealed overwrapping is the most common form of overwrapping packaging due to its

  • Strip overwrapping

Strip-sealed overwrapping somehow resembles spot-sealed overwrapping now that there is just a limited area shrunk by heat to secure the packaging. Yet, strip-sealed overwrapping is usually used for

  • Spot overwrapping

Spot-sealed overwrapping is such as overwrapping where the conjunct two sharp edges of the folded film’s fin are sealed slightly in a dot area to finish the sealing, where the major rest part remains in a sleek manner without being shrunk the heat.



Manufacturers of Overwrapping Machines in the World

Marden Edwards

Marden Edwards Limited
The Marden Edwards HQ and packaging machinery factory in Wimborne, Dorset,

Marden Edwards, established over 50 years, is a world leader in the design, manufacture and assembly of overwrapping and shrinkwrapping systems. The position as international market leader is the result of an exceptionally comprehensive product range, an ability to tailor machinery to individual applications, and a worldwide network of trade partners providing local expertise and after sales service.

Over 10,000 Marden Edwards systems have been manufactured from our UK factory and installed in over 150 countries worldwide. All our systems are designed, manufactured and supplied to the latest ISO standards to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018, seamlessly integrating our tuck and fold overwrapping machinery into your production process.

It is a measure of the reliability and lasting quality of the machinery that many of the early machines, produced up to 50 years ago, are still in production and fully supported by our after sales division.



Founded in 1948, Sollas has over 65 years of experience in the packaging industry. Through the decades, the Dutch company has stayed on top of developments in technology to provide the best standard and custom-tailored manufacturing equipment for our clients.

From cello machines to banding, Sollas can devise a solution to meet your specific requirements. We are proud to be one a few exclusive Sollas suppliers in North America.




IMA Group is world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, food and much more.

IMA takes the leading position in the innovations. The HYWRAP20 overwrapping machine can be run both with opp, recyclable and compostable films as well as with paper unrolled from reels where the glue is incorporated into the designated paper sealing areas rather than applied with guns or gluing units.

This means that glue quantity and power consumption are reduced to the minimum and waste generation is limited. The goal is to mitigate environmental impacts and allow for a more efficient use of resources.

Tokyo Automation Machinery (TAM)

Even since TAM was founded, we constantly have been evolving by advancing with the changing times.

By applying our proven technology that enhances product value, we have continued to take advantage of our long history of facing the challenge of making our customers’ products look ever more appealing.