Paktech presents Micropack, the new packaging applicator for cans


PakTech, producer of handles for secondary packaging and handle applicators for the FMCG (high-turnover consumer goods) sector, presents the latest in its line of high-quality handle applicator machines: MicroPak. PakTech designs each and every one of its applicators to meet the different needs of companies, regardless of their size. From its largest and most complex handle applicator machines to the smallest and most practical, every detail is established with customers in mind.

MicroPak is designed as a scalable solution for emerging brands and start-up companies, making it ideal for microbreweries and other mobile canning operations. The machine is small, but it has a lot of power and measures approximately 61 cm x 46 cm. The applicator compiles with EU standard voltages and runs on less than one cubic foot of air per minute. This makes it an affordable option and an excellent opportunity for companies that have less space to also have the opportunity to grow.

MicroPak is capable of applying up to 60 can handles per minute and can accommodate standard can sizes of 330 ml and 500 ml, which allows companies to keep the labor cost low, while obtaining high operational effectiveness.

Durability is synonymous with less expense

PakTech designs and manufactures all its products with sustainability and durability in mind. Their line of applicator machines is built for longer life cycles. In fact, many machines manufactured by the company have been in operation for more than 15 years and the new MicroPak applicator is no exception: to invest in this product is to invest in proven and real durability.