Printing finishes for a surprising Christmas, by EMG


The tactile and luxurious feeling that processes for embellishing a printed material can produce not only improves the visual appeal. For brands, they are a great opportunity to create amazing experiences for their customers and, consequently, boost their recognition.

There are various techniques for creating amazing effects on brochures, business cards, greeting cards, catalogs or manuals. The brightness, texture or relief of the product can be influenced. For example, Duplo’s DuSense system offers a wide range of effects that can be applied to Christmas packaging.

The most popular methods


It consists of cutting out certain shapes on paper or other light substrates. Conventional die cutting uses physical dies, while digital die cutting can use blades or a laser to create precise shapes and patterns.


This specialized printing process applies metallic finishes to two-dimensional designs. It is possible to choose from several colors, including gold, silver and other metallic shades.


It involves applying pressure to an image printed on paper or cardboard to create an embossed texture. The enhancement can be used for branding purposes, such as highlighting a logo, or as a decorative effect on Christmas packaging.


It is the reverse technique to the printing with enhancement. Elements such as text, logo or a certain part of the design is pressed so that it is lower than the surrounding paper. This effect conveys a classic and elegant touch to the printed product.

Embossed with glitter

Special inks are applied to a substrate, followed by an application of glitter particles. Glitter can also be sprayed directly onto the paper or cardstock during the printing process. This technique is perfect for Christmas labels, gift boxes and greeting cards.


This is a usual method to get the printed surface to combine greater protection against rubbing and scratches with a gloss or matte effect. The type of varnish finish depends on the substrate where the varnish is applied and the quality of it. In addition to the already mentioned gloss or matte effects, there is also the satin one. The water-based varnish option makes it possible to be more environmentally friendly.

Selective UV Spot varnish with gloss and relief

Spot UV coating adds one more dimension to two-dimensional designs. Thanks to its amazing relief effect, it is ideal for accentuating logos, text and images, transmitting a great impression to those who see and touch it.

Metallic and pearlescent inks

These types of inks add a shiny and shimmering effect to printed surfaces. They are more subtle than glitter, but provide a luxurious finish for any packaging. The inks are available in various colors, including silver, gold and bronze.

An effective investment

Brands are constantly looking for ways to differentiate their products. It has been proven that the incorporation of tactile elements in packaging evokes an emotional response and establishes a deeper connection with customers. The processes to beautify a printed product, therefore, improve its visibility in stores and other public spaces.

A 2020 study reveals that buyers of printing products and packaging manufacturers are willing to pay between 24% and 89% more for the printing of packaging that incorporates ornaments.

Cost-effective solutions

New technologies, such as digital cutting tables, make processes faster, more affordable and more flexible. In addition, advances in digital printing have made customization and sample creation much faster and cheaper processes. With the right equipment, such as the Duplo PFi Blade B3+ and B2+ cutting tables, you can produce high-quality, creatively shaped packaging or labels at low costs.

Equipos y Maquinaria Gráfica (EMG), a distributor of Duplo in Spain, as well as other leading brands in the printing finishing sector, can advise you on this type of embellishment processes. Its extensive catalog of machinery has equipment such as the DuSense, which opens the possibility for many small and medium-sized printing workshops to offer a finish of as much added value as the Spot UV varnish with a gloss and relief effect. It also has multifunction machines for cutting, slitting and punching; guillotines; folding machines; digital cutting tables; binding machines; laminators and other equipment for special finishes.