Stainless Steel Cartoner from ÉLITER Provides Hygiene and Flexibility for Ready Meal Packaging Automation


ÉLITER Packaging Machinery presents a latest version of its Gran Sonata Balcony Cartoner which is of full stainless-steel construction, and with 13+ axis of servo drive system that allows recipe-based and motorized changeover, apart from the machine´s remote connectivity for swift after-sales support.

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, the Chinese family-owned business in the segment of secondary packaging automation and manufacturer of packaging machines introduces a higher configuration as full stainless steel washdown version of its latest new model of Gran Sonata Balcony Cartoner.

The machine´s robust construction offers the ideal hygienic to serve as the packaging end-of-line especially for clients from the food industry where the ease of cleaning and hygiene are attached with prioritized importance.

The machine is also featured by its dual-axis racetrack collator and an extraordinarily extended carton hopper that is capable of carrying up to approximately 2000+ pieces of carton blanks, facilitating considerably the frequency of feeding the hopper with blanks during the machine’s operation and each of the end-user’s production shift.

The collation system is capable of paralleling multiple products of primary packaging container and feed them towards the cartoner, which following this step can load them into a shelf-ready packaging carton and finish the closure by applying adhesive from the Focke Meler glue melting system.

Washdown Stainless Steel Cartoner by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery

 The machine is joined by S7-1515 2PN PLC and 13+ axis of servo drive systems from SIEMENS thanks to which its operation follows a reliable and stable control and motion pattern. Taking advantage of such an advanced steering system, the machine offers the availability of recipe-based and motorized changeover with which shifting among different product formats is of minimized downtime and minimal manual intervention. Incorporated also with a remote access device, the manufacturer is able to support with regard to the control system and program, as well as diagnosis from distance to save the time and provide quick responsiveness and reaction for technical support, regardless of time and location. As explained by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, the client can opt for such a device by Inovance or Ewon Box, depending on their preference.

About ÉLITER Packaging Machinery

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is a family-owned business and manufacturer of secondary packaging machines located in Ruian of Wenzhou, China. Further information about ÉLITER Packaging Machinery can be found on their official website over at: