Recommendations for Vacuum Packing


How can I keep my food in good condition?

What is a vacuum packaging machine?

What benefits do I get from using vacuum packing machines?


The shelf life of food is closely related to the type of packaging they present, as this will be responsible for complementing, improving and extending the preservation of food. Vacuum packaging may represent the best option for the preservation of a food, since it can increase the ordinary time of keeping the products from two to four times more. Various special bags or containers are needed for proper vacuum packaging, otherwise unsuitable containers can break and cause air to enter.

Benefits of Vacuum Food Packaging

Vacuum packaging of food should not be considered a substitute for other storage systems, but an instrument that allows a longer shelf life and quality of life; for example:

  • Food vacuum packaging can be extended from two to four times longer than the normal storage time.
  • Foods that require special temperature conditions should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer despite being vacuum-packed.
  • Some fruits and vegetables must be pre-peeled or blanched and frozen before vacuum packaging.
  • It is important to make sure that you have the right bags and containers for vacuum packing. The use of unsuitable containers can cause air to enter or cause it to rupture due to the pressure exerted by the product, thus compromising the packaging.

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To make food last longer it is necessary to know the approximate preservation time, for example:

Food preservation times

Fresh meat
From 3 to 15 days
cooked meat
from 6 to 20 days
fresh fish
from 2 to 7 days
from 1 to 6 days
from 5 to 15 days
From 90 to 365 days
From 120 to 365 days
coffee / tea
From 120 to 365 days
pasteurized pasta
From 90 to 365 days
unpasteurized pasta
from 2 to 8 days
Dry fruits
30 to 90 days
Fresh fruit
from 8 to 15 days
5 to 10 days
from 7 to 25 days

These times must be considered as indicative for perfect conservation, which is coupled with the way and conditions with which the food has been previously packaged.

Recommendations for food preservation

In order to preserve food for longer and in better condition, it is necessary to know how to pack it and the type of machinery to do so:


Vacuum packing machine for meat

– Refrigerate the meat before putting it in vacuum conditions.
– Before being packaged, check that the meat is in optimal conditions.
– Remove excess fat as it tends to shorten storage time.
– Cook without defrosting if they are small pieces of meat (slices, cubes, minced meat, etc.)
– Cook after defrosting in the refrigerator if they are large pieces of meat.
– For optimal preservation, vegetables must be fresh and of good quality.

Vegetable Vacuum Packer

– Vegetables must be thoroughly cleaned, blanched in boiling water (1-3 minutes), drained well, allowed to cool, dried thoroughly (to reduce crystallization of the product during freezing and thus also to prevent the equipment from aspirating liquid), vacuum pack and keep in the freezer or refrigerator.
– To maintain the color of the vegetables it is recommended to add a few drops of lemon juice to the boiling water.
– Peas, Beans and Peppers do not need to go through the blanching process, the peppers can be cut into strips and stored. Eggplants and Squash can be preserved sliced ​​or cubed raw or blanched, depending on use.
– For optimal preservation, fish must be fresh and of good quality.

Vacuum packing machine for fish

– To vacuum pack the fish, it is necessary to wash it well, remove the scales, gut, remove the wings and tail, dry well, vacuum pack and then freeze.
– Cook small or medium fish without defrosting, for larger fish defrost in the refrigerator before cooking.

Poultry vacuum packer

– To vacuum pack the birds, it is necessary to deviser before, in addition to removing the head and legs.
– Remove any excess fat, as it tends to reduce storage times.
– Let refrigerate for a couple of hours, wash well and dry before vacuum packing.
– If the product is the whole body of the animal, defrost a few hours before in the refrigerator before cooking.
– Cook without thawing if the animal is in pieces.