Reliable pallet boxes for a kebab producer


The pallet box CB3 from Craemer is extremely robust even at high circulation rates. A large European meat processor, after a successful test phase, has opted for the hygienic and durable combination of pallet and robust plastic box suitable for food.

Extremely robust and hygienic: The pallet box CB3 has proven to be a reliable container

for the transport of slaughterhouse waste in a European meat company.

Photo the Craemer group

The kebab manufacturer processes the chicken meat for the export of döners. After the competition pits did not meet the high requirements, he ordered the CB3 from the German group Craemer, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of logistics and waste disposal solutions with more than 60 years of experience in the processing of plastics. Since March 2022, the CB3 has been serving as a reliable transport container for Category 3 slaughterhouse waste (high safety and hygiene requirements) to an animal feed producer.

Secure fastening: The stacking projections integrated in the four corners of the CB3 guarantee

a safe stacking of the pallet boxes.

Photo: The Craemer group

The advantages of the CB3 manufactured in one piece: Industrial size (1,200 x 1,000 mm), 740 millimeters high, capacity of 610 liters; additional ribs that reinforce the walls and protect from forklift spikes; smooth interior surfaces for easy emptying and cleaning; three robust skids perfect for automated transport systems; integrated stacking projections for secure fastening, space saving by stacking one inside another for empty transports; optional RFID back equipment; printing and stippling fields for logos and stickers. At Alimentaria FoodTech 2023, hall 2, stand E82.

Stable construction: Additional ribs reinforce the walls

and make the pallet box CB3 resistant to forklift tines.

Photo: The Craemer group