Schneider Electric showcased its comprehensive solutions at the Interpack 2023 International Packaging Exhibition to promote high-efficiency and sustainable development in the packaging industry.


Recently, at the world’s largest and most influential professional packaging exhibition – Interpack International Packaging Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, Schneider Electric, a digital transformation expert in the global energy management and automation field, showcased its comprehensive solutions based on the open architecture and platform of EcoStruxure™, which will help the packaging industry move towards a future of high efficiency and sustainability.

The rapid development of the digital economy, the demand for personalized customization by consumers, and the increased awareness of environmental protection have all placed new demands on the packaging industry. Digitization, robotics technology, next-generation conveyor systems, and digital twin technology have provided unprecedented innovation power for the packaging industry, driving it to continuously improve productivity, flexibility, and sustainability, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

At this Interpack International Packaging Exhibition, Schneider Electric exhibited three major highlighted products, including EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert digital twin software, Lexium MC12 flexible conveyor system, and Lexium Cobot collaborative robot, to demonstrate to participating companies how to meet their high-speed, reliable, and cost-effective requirements for packaging equipment with flexible and agile design.

Schneider Electric has rich customer service and practical experience in the packaging field, and based on the open EcoStruxure architecture and platform, it provides innovative, customized, sustainable, and efficient packaging solutions through automation engineering and simulation functions such as digital twin and digital thread technology. This not only shortens the packaging machine design cycle by up to 30% for enterprises but also greatly enhances design efficiency and sustainability advantages.

EcoStruxure Machine Expert digital twin software integrates simulation and 3D visualization functions, which can support various complex applications, efficiently promote the parallel execution of mechanical, electrical, and control tasks from single devices to complete production lines, empower equipment manufacturers from sales to concept prototypes, to design and manufacture, and operate equipment throughout the entire lifecycle, providing reliable technical support for enterprise customers and meeting design and production needs, bringing multiple benefits to enterprises from multiple perspectives.

In order to adapt to the continuously evolving personalized needs of customers, Schneider Electric’s Lexium MC12 flexible conveyor system has characteristics such as flexibility, stability, and efficiency, which can meet the diverse application scenario needs of various industries, helping enterprises shorten product innovation cycles, accelerate production rhythms, achieve intelligent manufacturing upgrades supported by flexible production, and give them stronger market competitiveness.

The perfect combination of the complete EcoStruxure machine solution and the new generation Lexium MC12 flexible conveyor system, with the latest linear motion and digital twin technology, enables customers to test new products or production lines without interrupting the current workflow and make adjustments during operation as needed to better meet production requirements. The integration of the two will provide enterprises with more intelligent and higher-performance packaging systems, build faster and more flexible machines, achieve a doubled output with half the volume and significantly save energy management efficiency. Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can be improved by 50%.

Lexium Cobot collaborative robot: Armed with six functions, achieves intelligent, efficient, and sustainable packaging machine transformation

With a wide range of product categories, diverse and complex processes, and additional challenges such as fragile items, frequent opening and packaging, and flexible switching, the typical characteristics of the packaging industry pose significant challenges. To address these challenges, Schneider Electric’s Lexium Cobot collaborative robot showcased at the Interpack exhibition provides solutions for fully automated production and packaging. The Lexium Cobot collaborative robot achieves efficient unpacking, sorting, packaging, and unmanned production, and can work continuously 24/7, significantly saving initial and subsequent costs, while offering a flexible process solution – it can be integrated into new equipment as well as be connected to control cabinets via a single cable, easily integrating with existing equipment or production lines.

In addition, the Lexium Cobot collaborative robot also has six major functions: using a mobile terminal app control mode, implementing wireless interconnection and no teaching pendant, making it more convenient and efficient to use; remote interaction and real-time monitoring; graphical programming, enabling manual drag-and-drop autonomous learning by the robot, making it fast and easy; plug-and-play, quick deployment, and efficient simplification; developed based on the Linux system, it has an open software and hardware ecosystem, with high compatibility; and built-in torque feedback module to achieve collision protection and safe collaboration. These six major functions provide strong support for enterprise to achieve an intelligent, efficient, and sustainable packaging machine transformation.

With the gradual heating up of hot topics such as “circular economy, resource protection, digital technology, and product safety”, as well as the continuous development of the industrial chain and the constant emergence of new demands for quality of life from consumers, enterprises are continuously upgrading and iterating on packaging equipment to meet production needs. Therefore, Schneider Electric is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for the transitioning to the new generation of sustainable packaging machines, integrating the concept of sustainable development, continuously practicing carbon reduction actions, empowering ecosystems, starting from sustainable packaging, and exploring new paths for the development of intelligent manufacturing in various industries.

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