Schubert expands its portfolio with new sealing technology for the Flowpacker wrapper


With Box Motion, Schubert is now expanding its product portfolio in the area of ​​sealing technology for the Flowpacker: in addition to heat sealing technology with rotating jaws, ultrasonic sealing with firm-closing jaws can now also be used for sealing. cross. This offers a whole series of advantages for flowpack packaging processes. For example, Box Motion enables very high-quality sealing seam as well as the processing of especially thick high-barrier films and monofilms. Since the Box Motion unit is also very easy to change, it offers even more flexibility and future-proofing to manufacturers using different films for tubular bags.

With the new Box Motion unit, Schubert now offers its customers even more flexibility and maximum quality when sealing tubular bags on the Flowpacker. The new cross sealing technology is designed in such a way that the fixed sealing jaws hold the entire film in the sealing seam and seal it ultrasonically, while the unit moves linearly during the sealing process based on the film speed. Stefan Horvath, Product Manager at Schubert, explains: “The time during which the Box Motion unit moves with the product and the film is equivalent to the sealing time. This can be adjusted to a constant value, depending on the film speed, as is also the case, by the way, with our conventional, rotating and flying transverse sealing unit, with the heat sealing process. “The fact that manufacturers can establish a constant sealing time is very important to obtain consistent quality in the packaging process.”

The Box Motion unit is a format part that can be dismantled in just a few steps and replaced, for example,

by a rotating flywheel transverse sealing unit for heat sealing.

Advantages of the Box Motion process: tighter sealing seam, more film options

But not only the constant sealing time contributes to the quality. Thanks to the Box Motion method, it is generally possible to seal more tightly, since the sealing seam has a high and constant quality over its entire width. Products that must be packaged in a modified atmosphere therefore obtain a particularly secure seal with Box Motion. Thick films requiring longer sealing times can also be processed without problems. The ultrasonic process used in the Box Motion unit is also particularly suitable for recyclable tubular bags made from monofilms or paper-based films. “In addition, the ultrasonic process is very clean and the maintenance required is simple,” adds Stefan Horvath. “So the effort in terms of cleaning the machine parts is much less than with conventional heat sealing processes.”

Box Motion technology makes the packaging process in the Flowpacker even more flexible.

Flexible technology, easy retrofitting, great future-proofing

The new Box Motion unit is a very easy to change format part. The unit can be dismantled in a few steps and exchanged for a rotating flying cross sealing unit for heat sealing, for example. Conversely, the Box Motion unit can be quickly re-inserted via plug and play. The effortless switch between a rotary motion system and a Box Motion system offers manufacturers the greatest possible flexibility and greater security for the future, as it is possible to react very quickly to new market demands. Stefan Horvath explains: “Our customers often need tubular bag films with different thicknesses and barrier properties for their products. They can now easily switch between cross sealing technologies. If manufacturers later want to use a Box Motion unit in their Flowpacker, for example to use more environmentally friendly films, they only have to retrofit it.”

The new transverse sealing with Box Motion is suitable, among other applications,

for products with high demands regarding the quality of the sealing seam.

With the expansion of the cross sealing product portfolio, Schubert customers now have complete freedom to choose the product, packaging material and sealing technology, thus being able to position themselves confidently for the packaging trends of the future.