Second Film Overwrapper Goes to Monos Food in Mongolia


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The second unit of film overwrapping equipment was delivered to Monos Food JSC (Монос Хүнс ХК) which is a manufacturing company of nutritional foods and supplements in Mongolia with an international presence.

The company has been working with ELITER Packaging Machinery since 2020 with the first set of overwrapping machines installed for their tea brand “Enkhjin Tea Brand” to wrap medicinal herbs with cellophane film as secondary packaging to add value to their packaging. 


The second Deal to Install an Overwrapping Machine

Packaging machine manufacturer and automation solutions specialist ELITER Packaging Machinery has completed a second deal with the nutritional foods and supplements manufacturer in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to install another Film Overwrapping Machine BT-2000L, Tri. Driver the servo version.

Enkhjin Tea Brand

Zulaa, the representative at Monos Food Jsc, first approached ELITER Packaging Machinery with contact with the parent company HUANENG in 2020 inquiring about automated packaging solutions to wrap plastic film over their medicinal herbs Enkhjin Lung cleansing tea which are packed in carton boxes. The same year the first set of film overwrappers was delivered to increase their plant’s capacity and productivity with a speed of 4800 wraps per hour.

Zhiwei Bao, general manager of ELITER Packaging Machinery, said: “We are delighted to work with Monos Food Jsc for a second time. And we are extremely pleased to see this has converted into a long-lasting relationship with real testimonials of our excellence in overwrapping automation.”

Overwrapping Machine in Mongolia

Though turret overwrapping is already a traditional form of film wrapping pattern and the overwrapping machine by ELITER is a last-generation model, ELITER Packaging Machinery has updated the machine’s mechanical design and joined the machine with servo technology to improve its performance. All these updates make ELITER’s overwrapping machine different from those turret overwrappers in the market and can reach a maximum speed of 100 wraps per minute.


ELITER’s BT-2000 overwrapping machine pioneers film overwrapping among turret overwrappers. Overwrapping is a packaging technique that adds a further layer of protection over carton boxes as secondary packaging. Such packaging can add a sense of luxury and be used to offer temper-proof protection. ELITER’s overwrapping machine can be used for all three types of overwrapping styles and is compatible with a wide range of carton sizes, also offers convenience and flexibility when it comes to size changeover.


Information on Overwrapping Machines by ELITER

Technical Data

  • Production speed: Up to 100 wraps per minute
  • Net weight: 1050 KG.
  • Size Covered: 60*40*20 ~ 200*160*80 mm
  • Multipack configuration available upon request


  • Mechanical driven joined by servo technology
  • Available for different overwrapping styles
  • Servo or Pneumatic feed unit
  • Pneumatic glue seam sealing system
  • CE mark


About Monos Food Jsc

monos food jscMonos Food Jsc, located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, is a manufacturing company in the field of health-promoting food and supplements.

The company’s products have been exported to all corners of the world including, China and Japan in Asia Pacific, as well as to the United States and South America.