ELITER Packaging Machinery to Showcase at SWOP 2023 its Gran Sonata Balcony Cartoner


SWOP – Shanghai World of Packaging, plays an essential role with regard to the promotion of innovative packaging and packaging automation solutions in Asia, given the fact that it is an alliance of Interpack, which is a world-class packaging automation, innovations, and machinery exhibition that takes place every 3 years in Düsseldorf, Germany,

On the session of SWOP 2023 to be held between November 22nd and 24th, ELITER Packaging Machinery will be showcasing their next-generation cartoner machines for food packaging application that is tailored with European quality and with all modern features with concerns around food safe application.

The new model called the “Gran Sonata” Balcony Cartoner, is a fully servo-driven cartoner, built with a typical balcony design and of open profile that allows “walk-in”, and offers maximum ease for cleaning and maintenance.

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Advanced Food Cartoner Machine with Hygienic Construction

In difference to those cheap and inferior cartoning machines made by other Chinese manufacturers or resold by those trading companies, which allegedly to use stainless steel but have a majority of their parts made by iron and coated parts, the “Gran Sonata” Balcony Cartoner by ELITER Packaging Machinery applies a complete SUS construction both with its frame and structures, joined by the use of aluminum and plastic parts.

For food safety and safe serving concerns, ELITER Packaging Machinery rejects the use of any galvanized or coated iron parts which are vulnerable to rust during the long term and may cause health issues due to food migration. A second concern is for the convenience of customizing the machine to washdown to facilitate the cleaning.

“A food cartoning machine should be hygienic in structure, with an open profile for the ease of access and cleaning, and apply robust and solid stainless steel construction for food safety concerns. – all of these features are what you cannot expect with those inferior Chinese cartoning machines which are literally cheap piles of iron you may find on Alibaba or Made-in-China”, addressed by Zhiwei Bao, the company owner at ELITER Packaging Machinery.

SWOP 2023 Gran Sonata Balcony Cartoner

Fully Servo Driven Structure with Improved Flexibility

In difference to those conventional intermittent cartoner made in China where are primarily mechanically driven by chains and sprockets, “Gran Sonata” employs a multi-axis servo drive system thanks to which the machine has a simplified mechanical transmission structurer and the maintenance will no longer involve dealing with grubby chains, gears, sprockets, etc.

Servos offer improved flexibility now that they can be easily programmed to perform different tasks or adjust to changing production requirements. They offer more flexibility in terms of speed, torque, and motion control. A further advantage is that a fully servo-driven cartoner machine is typically easier and less complex to maintain compared to mechanical machines due to the reduced chances of wear and tear and fewer replacement.

What Else to Expect from ELITER Packaging Machinery on SWOP 2023?

Apart from the next-generation intermittent cartoner, ELITER Packaging Machinery will be exhibiting as well as “Crescendo” Continuous Motion Cartoner. “Crescendo” is also a fully servo-driven machine and focuses on providing high speed cartoning automation with a reduced footprint, thanks to the innovative smart product loading system enhanced by multi-axis servo drive system and motion control technologies.


About ELITER Packaging Machinery

ELITER Packaging Machinery- a HUANENG company, is a family-owned business for three generations, manufacturer and global supplier of cartoner, overwrapping machines and wrap-around sleever located in Wenzhou, China.

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