Slices of melted cheese packaged on the fly


The film sheets for the individual packaging of melted cheese sheets from the adapa Group are truly high-performance: ProPeel-IWS (Individual Wrapped Slices) combines a low material thickness with a high puncture and tear resistance, which allows maximum speeds to be achieved on vertical cheese extrusion lines in slices.

ProPeel-IWS, specially adapted for hot packaging applications

ProPeel-IWS multilayer coextruded polypropylene films are extremely heat resistant, with a melting point of up to 165°C. This makes them ideal for hot filling. In sophisticated extrusion and packaging machines, the sheet is formed into a vertical tube into which the mass of hot processed cheese is continuously dosed at temperatures of approximately 80 to 85 °C.

The film sheets for the individual packaging of melted cheese sheets

Among the great advantages of ProPeel-IWS, its sealing layer stands out, which allows maximum packaging speeds to be achieved. The high mechanical stability of the sheets (tensile strength, rigidity, low elongation) achieves excellent machine operability, as well as optimal puncture and tear resistance to guarantee reliable production of the process. ProPeel-IWS combines reliable sealing with good opening properties and excellent release, for the final consumption of the product. Transparent films are of high quality, have a great appearance and, in addition, offer excellent printability. The films have the adapa quality guarantee, through optical inspection in the manufacturing process, combined with intensive tests and quality controls in the laboratory.

High performance in the application

Once the sheet has wrapped the hot product, it is pressed into slices, reliably sealed in a fraction of a second and cut, hot or cold, depending on the type of system. Adapa’s range of standard sheets for this application is adapted to the specific requirements of each customer. For example, the friction coefficient of the film surface can be adjusted: a slightly rougher film structure guarantees a safe transport of the stacked slices through the line, while a particularly smooth film surface guarantees maximum performance when ejecting the packaged product. Process speeds of up to 1,100 units per minute can be achieved thanks to the high mechanical stability of the material.

Huge reduction in the use of materials with the rethink initiative

As part of its rethink initiative, adapa continuously reviews and optimizes existing products with the aim of achieving greater sustainability. With ProPeel-IWS, adapa has managed to considerably reduce the thickness of the material for the hot filling of cheese slices. The sheets are successfully used in low thicknesses of between 25 and 20 µm. This saves up to 20% of material and optimizes resources. At the same time, the particularly thin foil guarantees a higher efficiency in production, since each foil roll contains more meters and therefore shortens the downtimes of the line for reel change. In addition, users experience less product and packaging material waste when restarting the line. Finally, by incorporating more meters per coil, we optimize logistics, in its transportation and storage.

“With the extremely thin, but high-performance ProPeel IWS sheets, we have achieved perfection in the vertical hot filling of melted cheese. We are proud to be able to offer our customers such a reliable foil”” explains Leif Elenius, Director of TQM/adapa Group product developer.