Smart Approach to Cartoner Machines from ÉLITER Packaging Machinery


ELITER Packaging Machinery – a HUANENG Company, reveals some minimal information that a new model of cartoning machine will be launched in 2023. The company says the new model of cartoner, as one step of its ¨Next-Generation¨ Transformation, will be an innovative and revolutionary approach to high-speed cartoning automation.

The next-generation cartoner by ELITER Packaging Machinery is named CRESCENDO Cartoner. Zhiwei Bao, general manager of the company, reveals information that it will be a continuous motion cartoning machine with a compact, smart and servo driven loader system, which is designed to replace the complex barrel cam loaders on a traditional continuous motion caronter.

“All past experience has proven that intermittent cartoning machine is not an ideal option for large carton box sizes, while in the case of a continuous motion cartoner, the large carton boxes work fine, however, the footprint of the machine will stretch considerable large due to the prolonged pitch and travel distance from the mechanical point of view”, commented Zhiwei Bao.

CRESCENDO Cartoner, is designed with an expected speed of 200 cartons per minute as the maximum. This is a high-intermedium speed that fills that gap between the intermittent and continuous motion cartoners. The expected launch date will be in early 2023.


About ELITER Packaging Machinery

ELITER Packaging Machinery, a family business in packaging machines and automation sector, located in Wenzhou, China, is a manufacturer and global supplier of cartoning machine, wrap-around sleever and film overwrapper.