Staedtler’s Contracting Facility in China Chooses ELITER for Ointment and Crayon Packaging


Staedtler is a German-based multinational company of stationery manufacturing. The company’s headquarter is located in Nuremberg, German.  Ever since 1835 when Staedtler was founded by J.S. Staedtler, the company has been dedicating to offering the global market a wide range of stationery products such as writing implements, art materials and office supplies. The company has developed a strong market niche in stationery and now has become an international well-known manufacturer and supplier of writing, painting, drawing and creative products.

As the demand for their stationery products continued to grow, as well as for the deployment of its global supply chain, the company signed with Shenyang Institute Of Automation in China for contracting and packaging services for their ointment and crayons, which are first loaded onto a paper tray with buckets, shrink-wrapped and then packed in carton boxes with hanger tab as well as sleeve boxes. The project requests two sets of cartoning machine to handle different formats at the same time, while each one is capable of being changed for other formats and sizes. A challenging part is that all cartons are with windows that provide views of crayons and ointments contained inside. The packed ointment and crayons are then converged into a conveyor system to downstream for manual case packing. A diverging conveyor system was also in need for the project to divide the trays carrying crayons and ointment into corresponding paths so that they go to the correct cartoning machine.

The automation was presented by ELITER Packaging Machinery, which has previous experience in providing cartoning machines for stationery manufacturers worldwide such as YOSOGO and Buropa Maroc, clients to which ELITER has installed cartoners for marker pens and ball pens in various packs, such as 2*4 markers, 2*5 markers, and 2*25 ball pens packs.

The project was delivered on ELITER Packaging Machinery’s traditional and entry-level cartoning machines with simple operation and offers the most basic “no product no carton loaded” and “no carton no product” feature. The completed machines is now pending delivery to Staedtler’s contracting part in Shenyang, China