Stainless Steel Washdown Cartoner for Frozen Food by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery


“The stainless steel washdown construction and SIEMENS multi-axis servo system rate this machine the most advanced cartoner on the market.”

The packaging equipment manufacturer based in China finished a recent project of washdown stainless steel cartoner for European reference. A fully-servo driven cartoner was built to meet European standards and match client’s quality expectation.

After the launch of a recent new model of Gran Sonata® Balcony Cartoner as reported by Packaging Europe, ÉLITER Packaging Machinery continues expanding its international presence through a recent project of building a full stainless steel washdown cartoner for a reference client in the frozen food industry.

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery’s fully servo-driven stainless steel washdown cartoner has a elegant design with applicable standards taken into consideration including food safety and machine safety regulations. The heavy duty stainless-steel construction allows the enhancement to washdown to IP65, thanks also to the electricals provided by SIEMENS, with whom the machine has some 14 axis of servo drive system.

carbon steel vs stainless steel

The machine is incorporated with ÉLITER Packaging Machinery’s recently registered patent of flexible changeover sets that changes complete the pattern of size changeover on a horizontal end-load cartoner, providing maximum flexibility in a spatial manner, horizontal, vertical and front-back. The multi¡axis servo drive systems enable as well the motorized changeover, with the position of each axis recorded as a recipe in the HMI and rendering the size change with a finger touch on the panel.

The machine features additionally pre-break system, Focke Meler hot melt glue system and SIEMENS S7 1515-2PN CPU, together with their HMI and servo drive systems, rating the machine as the top tier cartoners on the market.

About ÉLITER Packaging Machinery

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is one of the Chinese companies in the leading edge in the packaging automation industry. Pursuing after quality, the new generation models by ÉLITER are highlighted by robust stainless steel construction, multi-axis servo drive systems, as well as the option of washdown customization for improved hygiene.