As part of a wide array of new product introductions at Interpack, food packaging specialist The Nicholl Group of companies (comprising Nicholl Food Packaging in the UK, Ecopla France and Belgium, and Bachmann in Germany) will showcase a number of food trays that deliver important sustainability benefits. In addition, the variety of products on show will demonstrate Nicholl’s ability to offer tailored packaging solutions for customers in end markets including ready meals, convenience foods and fresh and frozen products.


One of the highlights of the stand will be the new DeLight® Solution from Stora Enso, for which Nicholl was the launch partner in the UK and Ireland. DeLight® is a brand new ovenable paperboard tray suitable for MAP applications that combines high quality, premium product presentation with a strikingly different appearance for effective branding. The tray’s hybrid construction offers a number of sustainable advantages including a largely renewable material content. Wood material is sourced from traceable and responsibly managed forests, while the high share of bio-energy used in the production of paperboard makes it possible to show a low carbon footprint for DeLight® Solution.


Another recent innovation on show will be the just-launched ovenable bakery tray made from renewable wood pulp. Developed in response to customer demand, the new TO 109 R Paper round tray is manufactured from a single layer of greaseproof paper with excellent barrier properties. It is suitable for use in both convection and microwave ovens.


Other similar initiatives include Roots Biopack Sugarcane Fibre Trays which are manufactured from a renewable source (the by-product waste of sugar cane processes) and can be composted at home, and Oliver Pulp Trays, which combine sustainable benefits with several consumer convenience features.


As part of its continuing product diversification programme, Nicholl will also be unveiling a range of multilayer flexible barrier films for MAP lidding of ready-made trays, Flowpack and TFFS top webs, suitable for all types of tray materials. In addition, the company will show its unique SKINfoil™ tray, which combines the convenience of an oven or grill tray with the super extended shelf life of vacuum packaging, and innovative Dual Ovenable Board trays.


“We continue to introduce new materials, shapes and containers to our product portfolio to complement our market leading range of over 800 aluminium foil trays,” comments Nicholl Food Group Chief Executive John Griffiths.


“As Europe’s top packaging exhibition, Interpack provides the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our extended capabilities.”


Nicholl has recently been awarded a 2011 Alufoil Trophy for its packaging for Küchenmeister convenience foods.