“Sustainable packaging becomes more relevant during the summer”


It’s summer time and going out from home is becoming more frequent. With the arrival of the heat and the holidays, less time is spent in the dwellings. Often, to face the high temperatures, people choose to spend the day at the beach or by the pool. In the same way, trips are planned to visit other cities, staying in campsites or making use of motorhomes

All these places, symbols of recreation and rest, have an important element in common: the need for responsible waste management. From Belca, they point out the importance of taking care of the environment and minimizing the damage generated in it. For this, in addition to waste control being essential, sustainable packaging also plays a fundamental role.

“Outdoor meals are more assiduous. It is usually chosen to take the prepared food from home, but it is also often resorted to those that are precooked. The same goes for drinks. Nowadays, you can find all these products available in different types of packaging. Some will turn out to be more sustainable than others, and it is important to choose well”” they explain from Belca.

Therefore, the rate of packaging use is increased, especially during this season. Whether it’s during a barbecue by the pool or on a camping day “choosing products that come packaged in a sustainable way can make all the difference. Although at an individual level it seems like a small percentage, if you think about the amount of waste that can accumulate, it becomes more relevant,” they add.

In addition, from Belca they point out that “opting for containers that are recycled, as well as those that are recyclable or biodegradable, helps the environmental impact to be reduced. In the same way, the food consumed will be less likely to have contact with materials that can be harmful when exposed to high temperatures, as happens with some unsustainable materials.”

To conclude, they remind that “a sustainable package does not have to be less resistant or have less protection capacity than others. Its quality and strength are the same, making it comfortable and light in transport and use.”