Tecnotrip presents its new semi-automatic traysealer with MAP and skinpack


Ideal for improving the presentation of the product and giving it added value, the new Tecnotrip traysealer is suitable for medium productions with the possibility of a constant mold change. Suitable for all sectors in which product conservation is required, the equipment offers good presentation and ease of storage and cleaning.

In addition, the heat sealer offers the possibility of packaging in skin format, with a tray or cardboard.

With double-press operation for automatic drawer entry, exit is automatic at the end of the cycle. The equipment has an automatic system for collecting excess film. Controlled by a system that allows maximum use, the welding cut is perimeter, with automatic drawer entry and exit.

Likewise, the traysealer has a digital programmer, works with a 40 or 63 m 3 /h Bush pump and can work with 1, 2 and 4 cavity molds.