Tekpak Factory Acquisition & Facilities Growth


Tekpak Factory Acquisition & Facilities Growth

Tekpak Automation Ltd, today announced the completion of its purchase of a 40,000 sq ft factory building and adjoining land, in the Whitemill Industrial Estate where the company was previously renting part of the facility. The acquisition of the former IDA Advance Factory highlights the significant growth the company has experienced in recent years,leading to a need for larger manufacturing space. Having increased the scale and range of its packaging machinery models over recent years and by winning contracts to provide automation solutions for global pharmaceutical, medical device and food manufacturers, Tekpak had outgrown its previous space.

With ambitious improvement and development plans in the pipeline, the investment in excess o €600,000 will provide a larger manufacturing area, a specialised proof of concept zone, an innovation hub, extra office space and dedicated client test areas.To streamline the core business functions the manufacturing area will include specialised proof of concept, electrical and mechanical assembly, and fabrication zones. The increased R&D capabilities will allow for the development of innovative new robotic handing techniques for pharmaceutical and food products, as well as rigorous complete line testing and machine validation for pharmaceutical clients.


Speaking about the expansion John Kehoe, managing director, said:

“From our beginnings more than 15 years ago, to the present day, Tekpak has been a company with international operations. The new factory premises provides us with the opportunity to enhance and develop the infrastructure and business systems necessary to support our export growth and to provide a technological showcase for our innovative Packaging Machinery Automation Solutions. As Tekpak continues to grow over the coming years, we will expand and improve our facilities not only to meet our customers’ needs but also as a measure to help attract highly technical people who want to play a part in our success.”

Tekpak Automation also announced its plans to create an additional 20 jobs over the next two years. The roles will primarily be for mechanical, electrical and automation engineers to further facilitate the company’s need to maintain and enhance its complete-line design capabilities.