Tetra Pak presents a new digital solution for its packaging that connects brands and consumers


Tetra Pak Iberia, a specialist in cardboard packaging and process solutions for the food industry, has launched a new ‘Connected Experience’ that allows brands to get closer to their consumers through online interactions, using their connected packaging as a support. The goal is to reach the consumer in a new, interactive and impactful way.

Thanks to the digital campaign focused on ‘Connected Experience’, designed by Appetite Creative, Tetra Pak’s packaging allows brands to establish a new relationship with their consumers, interactive, impactful and adapted to each brand and product.

Designed as a ‘universal’ project and available to all its customers, Tetra Pak has counted on the support of the digital experiences studio, Appetite Creative, a specialist in creative technology, for its creation.

To be able to enjoy this ’connected experience’, which is already offered by some of the brands that use Tetra Pak’s packaging solutions, it is necessary to scan the QR codes visible on the packages themselves and access the Web App designed specifically for each brand. QR codes have been chosen because their use is increasingly widespread among consumers and, according to Nielsen and Tetra Pak data, 55% of the population has already scanned food products and 76% say they would like to be able to count on them to obtain more information about products or participate in contests.

A personalized experience for each brand and product

The main novelty of this ’Connected Experience’ is that it can be adapted to the specific needs of each brand and product. Based on these needs, and with the intention of creating a product suitable for each type of audience, the ‘Connected Experience’ solution is divided into two different segments: young people and adults, each consisting of interactive games, adapted quizzes, Augmented Reality with which to discover the packaging in 360 degrees (knowing more about its structure and composition) or selfies with which to share the experience on social networks and encourage other users to participate. In addition, with the intention of involving the consumer as much as possible, Tetra Pak will reward, every 45 days, the users who have a higher score in its web app with prizes such as Iphones12, iPads, electric bicycles or Nintendo Switch, among others.

For its part, thanks to real-time interaction tracking, and collecting data such as: type of product scanned, average interaction duration, location, scan rate, number of visitors, returning visitors or actions on social networks; each brand will be able to optimize its marketing strategy instantly, in addition to knowing its consumers better with data such as age range, gender, etc.

“We are proud to offer the entire food industry access to connected packaging through our new application for Iberia and take advantage of the enormous value that this technology can offer to brands. Open to everyone, we want to involve as many brands as possible to help them create a unique connection with consumers and benefit from intelligent data and real-time marketing optimization,” explains José Luis Velilla, Marketing Director of Tetra Pak Iberia.

“The ‘Connected Experience’ offers brands a great opportunity to better connect with consumers, in an attractive and interactive way, through the packaging. Tetra Pak has made this easier than ever through this new app, which gives brands the foundations for a brilliant Connected Experience. All they need to contribute is their product brand,” concludes Jenny Stanley, CEO of Appetite Creative.

In the coming weeks, Spanish consumers will already be able to find these codes on some juice brand containers on sale at their usual points of purchase. New brands will be added to these in the coming months. Currently available only to Tetra Pak customers in Spain, the future of the project is envisaged as a tool to which more countries will soon be added.

For more information, please visit Tetra Pak at: https://www.tetrapak.com/