The best auxiliary equipment to optimize your production


Hiring auxiliary equipment in a packaging process can save us many headaches. Auxiliary equipment makes our production easier, faster and more profitable.

Within packaging machinery , auxiliary equipment can mean the difference between our company being more efficient or not. Its fundamental objective is to optimize and make our packaging chain profitable.

These equipment help improve our packaging quality, improving the times used. Some of the clearest examples of the usefulness of this equipment are those that help us handle special manipulations using robots, offer more effective and comfortable cleaning or ensure more precise dosing.


Let’s see what some of these auxiliary equipment are.

CIP cleaning system

Its acronym means “ Cleaning in Place ”, and refers to the fact that cleaning is carried out on site . This type of cleaning system offers us the possibility of cleaning our dosing machinery without having to dismantle any part.

This system works by passing water vapor, along with a cleaning product, at high speed and pressure through the packaging line. This is a great advantage over other types of cleaning systems, since it speeds up the process and saves time by not having the machines stop.

Godet Extraction

Another of the auxiliary equipment most used in packaging chains is the extraction of godets . This machinery is used especially when we have geometrically shaped containers or jars and we need to transport them.

The machine can extract the container from the godet once the filling, screwing and capping has been completed, and it also has a turning group to rotate the container 180º.


Auxiliary vibrating machines are capable of facilitating and automating one of the most arduous and tedious processes in the dosing chains. For this reason, at MP Systems we design and manufacture vibration machinery as you need, to help you get more profitability and quality from your business.

Dynamic weighing

To improve and control the quality of your dosing system we have designed a dynamic product weight control system . It is a versatile machine capable of weighing different container formats, controlling which of them meets the requirements, saving time and, therefore, streamlining the entire packaging process.

Transport belts

Conveyor belts are one of the keys to making our dosing system effective. Our extensive experience designing and manufacturing machinery for dosing and threading in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors has allowed us to offer very diverse solutions adapted to each of the needs of each application.

Artificial vision

One of the ways to make your dosing chain more efficient is automation. With the implementation of artificial vision equipment you ensure maximum quality in the packaging of your product.

This machinery can be integrated into any production process to improve control. It has an HMI screen to view rejections in real time and be able to make adjustments and is very easy to use.