Envirocon offers a family of household cleaning products


Envirocon Technologies, owned by the Eggemeyer family, is a family company set out to create innovative cleaning products with their customers’ futures in mind.


Envirocon produces environmentally conscious household cleaners that can be found in nationwide retail chains, such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger, Safeway, and Albertson’s. Regional retail chains include HEB, Wegman’s, Publix, Meijer, United, Marsh, and Harris Teeter among many others including those pulling from distributors and wholesale food warehouses.


Envirocon wanted to use a retail carton for their products. The company felt this was a sustainable solution whose graphics would also help maximize the aesthetics and informational content. At first, the packaging was cartons with 1-2-3 interlocking bottoms with a tuck tab top closures. All cartons were hand packed using five employees at a rate of approximately 300 cartons per hour. As the popularity of the products grew and the subsequent volume increased, Envirocon looked for ways to further automate the cartoning process for efficiency and throughput reasons.


In their search for the best cartoning solution, Envirocon visited the ECONOCORP booth at the 2008 Pack Expo International show. “We were impressed with ECONOCORP’s expertise, quality, and price,” recalled Envirocon CEO, Curtis Eggemeyer. He added, “Econocorp offered a top of the line Spartan horizontal cartoning system that matched our current needs as well as room for growth at a cost effective price. The installation of the machine was our quickest of any machine in memory with the least amount of start up issues.”


In this case, the ideal bag in box solution called for the ECONOSEAL Spartan intermittent motion horizontal cartoner with a ten foot intermittent motion bucket conveyor and overhead pivoting product loading device. Operators are simply required to place bags down into the buckets of the product conveyor and the remainder of the operation is automatic. The product loading accessory inserts bags into the erected and positioned carton at the Spartan load station. The loaded cartons are then transported ahead for automatic flap closure and secure glue closure using hot melt adhesive. The machine system is also sensitive to such conditions as, no product, no empty carton advance and no carton in position for loading, no product load.



With the ECONOSEAL Spartan cartoner, Envirocon produces approximately 1,800 finished cartons per hour with a three person operation. That is also an increase from 60 to 600 cartons per man hour manually versus with the Spartan automated cartoning approach.