The importance of printing, coding and marking on cans


How to best encode the cans? What kind of equipment is used to mark the cans?

The importance of printing, coding and marking on cans

Product coding requires reliable and permanent identification. Dirt, humidity, uneven surfaces or temperature changes are factors that must be considered before performing any coding, as it must be resistant to these issues.

The data that is usually encoded in a can, is:

  • Production date
  • Lot number
  • Expiration date

These data are of vital importance for its identification, classification and storage, since the final consumer will be able to identify if the product is still in good condition or report if a batch number was defective or with some problem.

In order to carry out this task successfully, the best devices, equipment, machinery and supplies must be chosen to obtain the best results, for example:

  • Ink
  • Printer
  • Encoder
  • Marker

Uses and applications of printers, markers and encoders

Printers, markers and encoders are used to indicate important data of:

  • Pet food cans
  • Food cans for humans
  • Baby food cans
  • Beverage cans
  • Juice cans
  • Cans of products for footwear

Encoders suppliers about cans

Below we introduce you to Domino Printing Mexico, supplier of encoders and markers on cans:

Domino Printing Mexico is the world leader in the manufacture of coding and marking equipment of laser technology, inkjet, thermal transfer, printing and application of labels and coding on demand drop. It offers variable information printing on both primary and secondary packaging, on a wide variety of substrates and in most industries.

Domino Printing Mexico has the best encoders and markers on cans, such as:

  • Encoders and markers on Domino A320i cans
  • Encoders and markers on Domino A300 SE+ cans
  • Encoders and markers on Domino A300 XS cans
  • Encoders and markers on Domino A300 SE+ Duo cans

Recognizing the challenges of the sector in the production at high speeds and the optimization of production time, Domino’s technology for can coding provides cutting-edge solutions in the industry, meeting the needs of high coding quality, easy integration and use, work on high-speed lines and the lowest total operating cost.

Main benefits of encoders and markers on cans

Among the benefits that can be obtained by using an encoder and markers on cans, there are:

  • Optimal total cost thanks to its revolutionary service-free technology
  • Revolutionary QuickStep user interface for ease of use and error-free operation
  • Maximum protection against contamination by sugary syrups/ easy to wash
  • Optimal performance for short productions / frequent changes in bottling lines thanks to Domino SureStart technology
  • Industry-leading speeds for high-speed can lines, up to 120,000 bottles per hour
  • Wide range of inks to meet the needs of the beverage sector