The Packaging Cluster presents its 2023 activity agenda and six technical courses


On January 17th, the Packaging Cluster discovered live part of the catalog of services that it has available to its more than 130 companies and associated entities: an Activity Plan with more than 35 proposals with which to promote networking and business cooperation; and a Training Plan with 6 courses with which to promote talent in the packaging industry.

The entity offers various specific trainings ranging from the mastery of Power BI, productivity improvement,

effective communication, agile leadership skills or sustainability applied to plastics or packaging design.


The Packaging Cluster closed 2022 with more than 40 activities focused on the competitive improvement of its members, with conferences on innovation, good practices, startups, sustainability, exchange of experiences or the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the entity, where the new image of the cluster was presented.

More networking and thematic workshops

Among the demands of the cluster ecosystem, there is the need to generate more spaces in which to enhance relationships with a strong and resilient business fabric. This is how the #PackagingNET conference was born, face-to-face sessions with which to inspire debate, reflection and synergies. On February 21, the first meeting will take place with Enric Crous as a guest, former CEO of Estrella Damm, Mercabarna and Fira Barcelona.

In addition to the various PackagingNET that will be taking place during the year, there will be forums with experts on hot topics, such as the new Royal Decree on Packaging and Packaging Waste recently approved, which will explain the Packaging Cluster on February 8th.

There will be two important appointments during 2023, one in June and one in December. At the beginning of summer, the Annual Assembly of the entity will be held and the Strategic Immersion will return with a renewed touch; and before Christmas, all the partners and stakeholders will be convened for the first awards of the Packaging Cluster.

Six courses, six opportunities

For the third consecutive year, the entity launches a technical plan of courses with which to renew the current competencies and adapt the curricular profile of packaging experts according to the new world. A plan led by Montse Castillo Malivern, a teacher and professional who knows first-hand the packaging materials and processes, and who acts as a bridge between technological developments and the industrial implementation of new packaging through the consultancy she founded, RepaQ Packaging Consulting.

The first course starts on March 6th and we will learn how to build an interactive dashboard through Power BI, with which to visualize and analyze data. Salvador Morata will be the teacher in charge of the training aimed at all those professionals passionate about Business Intelligence, who frequently use Excel.

Rethinking Packaging celebrates its third edition with a positive rating of 4.13 out of 5, as explained by former students. It is a specific training with which to define the circularity of your containers in several strata: regulatory framework, circularity diagnosis, strategies to be implemented and communication with the consumer. The teaching team will be formed by Montse Castillo, Aida Enrech, Julia Gassol Bou and Elisabet Amat, distributed in 20 hours in hybrid format, starting in May.

Together with Iñaki Bustínduy, an expert in management and managerial skills, we will carry out two educational proposals in June on Time management and Agile Leadership. Some bases that in parallel will allow the understanding of new productive paradigms.

An intensive course on Effective Communication by Isabel Molas, a specialist in personal development, is scheduled for October. With Isabel, we will delve into the 2 sessions of 5 hours each, how to present in public to capture the attention of your audience.

Finally, RepaQ and Aimplas come together to talk about the Circularity of plastics, in a context marked by the new indirect tax on plastic. It starts in November and there will be 12 hours of virtual training aimed at all those who work in the world of plastics and want to know the obligations of the new regulations.

What’s More?

In addition, some cluster partners offer training programs designed with all the professional knowledge of their own discipline. This is the case of the multinational Aggity, which this year launches the first hybrid program on advanced analytics Executive program Big Manufacturing Analytics, which starts on March 7 and is aimed at operations and production process professionals.