The Paper Bag publishes the guidelines for high-quality paper bags


When retailers are looking for an efficient and sustainable packaging solution to align their sustainable brand profile, paper bags are a good alternative. For this reason, The Paper Bag platform – in which kraft paper manufacturers and leading paper bag producers in Europe collaborate – has published recommendations for high-quality paper bags. The document guides manufacturers and their customers on the parameters that influence the strength and durability of paper bags.

“The most important function of a packaging is to offer perfect protection for the product,” says CEPI Eurokraft General Secretary Elin Gordon. “By offering high-quality bags to their customers, retailers can be confident that their products will arrive safely at their destination. With the guidelines for high-quality paper bags for our sector, we want to support paper bag producers in the manufacture of bags that meet their expectations and those of their customers in terms of product protection and durability,” he adds. But what does “high quality” mean when we talk about a bag? The standards define a high-quality paper bag as follows: a bag that is capable of carrying at least 6 kilos of supermarket products and being able to be reused up to five times for the same purpose.

From the right material to quality certification

The document presents the technical methods and established recommendations for manufacturing paper bags that meet these criteria. The standards address the most important factors that can affect the quality of a bag, from the selection of the correct material, such as paper and glue, to the conversion process and the type of handle. To receive proof of the durability and resistance of the bag, a quality certification in accordance with the European test standard EN13590 can be requested. The testing of the bags is carried out by lifting them repeatedly with the usual weights for their specific size and volume.

“To achieve the best possible results, we suggest following the recommendations included in our guidelines and making use of quality certification,” says Elin Gordon. “Last but not least: being made with natural and renewable raw materials, obtained from sustainably managed European forests, high-quality paper bags are an excellent means to project a brand’s corporate social responsibility,” he adds.

Paper bags as a brand ambassador

The network “The Paper Bag” has just published the video ‘Why do paper bags strengthen the brand image?’, which explains why retailers can rely on the high strength of paper bags and how they can become the perfect additional support for a sustainable brand profile. This video was launched to celebrate the fifth anniversary of European Paper Bag Day, the annual day of action initiated by The Paper Bag platform in order to raise awareness about paper bags as the sustainable and efficient packaging of the future.