The TSB-AC-70/175 automatic vacuum heat sealers from Tecnotrip, perfect for pre-cooked


Tecnotrip has the TSB-AC-70/175 automatic vacuum heat sealers within its product range. Ideal for all types of food products, it is especially practical for pre-cooked products.

The equipment, designed for preformed containers, is suitable for medium and large productions and can operate with the following modalities:

  • Only sealed
  • Partial vacuum and sealing
  • Vacuum + inert gas and sealed
  • Vacuum and skin effect
  • Gas and sealing

Equipped with a 100 m3/h Bush vacuum pump, it stands out for its easy cleaning and maintenance and for its touch screen, very intuitive and useful. The TSB-AC-70/175 has a digital programmer with 20 programs, 1, 2, 3 and 4 cavity molds and has 2 workstations (TSB-AC-70) or 5 workstations (TSB-AC-175), useful for loading wafers of dimensions not exceeding ½ Gastronorm. Easy and fast format change, the equipment does not need tools.

The standard installation of the machine can be completed with:

  • Expanded loading area
  • Automatic tray depilator
  • Product or liquid dispensers
  • Photocell for printed film
  • Hot printer or thermal transferbelt for transport packaged
  • Packaging weighing and labeling system