The value that automatic pallet labeling brings to the packaging sector


Automation in the packaging sector has proven to be a key tool to increase productivity and efficiency on the production line. One of the highlights of this technological revolution is the automatic labelling of pallets, which has become increasingly important in the logistics field. Mario Bonet, Marketing manager of United Barcode Systems, founding partner of Barcelona Packaging Hub, emphasizes that “labeling at the end of the production line is the key”.

The value that automatic pallet labeling brings to the packaging sector

Automatic pallet labeling offers two fundamental advantages. First of all, it provides accurate information about the quantities and characteristics of the shipped product, which allows for better inventory control and traceability.

Secondly, the label acts as an identification seal of the product destined for a specific location, becoming the first step of logistics for finished products. By automating this process and combining it with the data generated by the production line and the customer’s systems, a reduction in errors and significant savings is achieved.

Challenges in automatic pallet labeling

However, automatic pallet labeling is also facing various challenges in the industry. Among them are:

  • Irregularity of the pallets: The pallets may have variations in size, shape or condition, which makes it difficult to accurately place the labels.
  • Placing labels at different heights: Pallets may have uneven surfaces or contain products of different heights, which requires flexible and adjustable labeling systems.
  • Identification of several faces of the same pallet: In some cases, it is necessary to label several faces of a pallet to ensure correct identification and traceability.
  • Integration: The integration of the automatic labeling system with existing systems on the production line and company management systems can be a challenge, but it is fundamental to maximize efficiency and minimize errors.

Despite these challenges, Barcelona Packaging Hub is positioned as a leader in innovation and global packaging machinery solutions. Thanks to its experience and knowledge in the sector, the organization is a precursor of technology, developing customized solutions that address the aforementioned challenges.