Torres Brandy presents a limited edition of its iconic Jaime I with the work of Ricardo Cavolo


Torres Brandy strengthens ties with the art world and creates the Oak Canvas series, an artistic project that invites young creators to transform an oak barrel, such as those used in the aging of brandy, into a work of art. From this work, a limited collector’s edition of Jaime I will be created for those who love art and brandy in equal parts. The first of the collection, which is now being presented to the market, reflects the unique and colorful creation of Ricardo Cavolo, an internationally recognized urban artist and illustrator.

Born in Salamanca, Cavolo explores fantasy and color through a pop iconography of vivid colors and naive shapes, with four-eyed characters and hearts wrapped in flames that give shape to their own universe, very recognizable. The artist and social activist speaks, through his works and murals, about immigration, gender inclusion and mental health, and has exhibited in cities such as London, New York, Milan, Montreal or Barcelona.

In this first collaboration of the Oak Canvas Series by Torres Brandy project, Ricardo Cavolo illustrates the process of creating brandy, from the grape, distillation and aging to reaching the glass, with humanized stills and vivid colors, landscapes bathed by countless suns or four-eyed characters. A 100% Ricardo Cavolo creation that wears the first limited edition of Jaime I, the iconic brandy that pays tribute to the founder of Familia Torres and his innovative spirit.
Jaime I has been linked to art since its creation: its bottle, designed by the Japanese architect Hiroya Tanaka, is inspired by the modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudí, a contemporary of Don Jaime Torres, with its sinuous shapes that evoke nature. This brandy, certified with the PGI Penedès, is the result of a slow and sophisticated artisanal process, consisting of a double distillation of parellada wines in copper stills, a long aging in oak barrels and the combination of different soleras or mother brandies chosen from the oldest in the winery.
This delicate elaboration and prolonged aging endow it with complexity and elegance, with the woody nuances and sweet spices that are only found in the best soleras. Jaime I is one of the most emblematic brandies from Torres Brandy, the brandy brand preferred by bartenders according to Drinks International’s 2022 brand report.

About Juan Torres Master Distillers

Juan Torres Master Distillers is the division dedicated to the elaboration of Torres Family distillates. Its origins date back to 1928, when Juan Torres Casals, the second generation, began to make soft and aromatic oak-aged brandies from a selection of the best white wines from Penedès (Barcelona). Today, with more than ninety years of experience as master distillers, perfecting the art of distillation every day, Juan Torres Master Distillers continues to seek excellence in each of its distillates and delicately produces eleven references of brandy, pisco and orange liqueur under the Torres Brandy, El Gobernador and Magdala brands. He endows all of them with personality and elegance and finds in the cocktail bar his greatest ally to satisfy the demands of a new consumer who pursues uniqueness and quality in their moments of shared enjoyment.