Uchida Aerodiecut die cutting machine, a unique solution for the digital market


The Uchida AeroDieCut die cutting machine was born from the current market demand for shorter runs and customized products. It is an easier machine to handle than traditional die cutting machines and more productive than cutting tables. With this equipment a fast and personalized finishing is guaranteed regardless of the quantity to be made.

The Siesa AeroDieCut can cut, slit and perforate in a single pass guaranteeing the best finish on printed materials. It is ideal for cards, boxes, labels, stickers, tickets… and saves the costs of the die.

The old models of die cutters were very large and required expert operators to handle them since they were not easy at all, the AeroDieCut has been designed with safety in mind and so that any operator can handle it, since it requires minimal mechanical adjustments. It comes with a totally intuitive touch screen from where the finishing is configured and that can store up to 100 jobs.

One of the advantages of the AeroDieCut is that it uses traditional dies, since these are easy to obtain, cost-effective and the quality of the finish is excellent. It combines traditional and new technologies to provide a new experience to customers.

The feed is with Uchida’s patented ‘tri-suction’ system that guarantees continuous work. In addition, this unit is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor for double sheet detection and a sensor that detects cut marks to align the paper.

The main die cutting unit uses a patented ‘moving press roller’ mechanism to press the paper. This makes the die cutting process much quieter and more efficient than in conventional equipment.

A separator that diverts the waste to a custom-made container and a conveyor belt for the finished material can also be optionally added.

With the AeroDieCut, Siesa incorporates a high-end equipment to its catalog to offer more variety in the finishes of its customers with an increase in productivity and profitability. It is an ideal machine for the current market since it allows to offer short-term, customized and on-demand solutions opening the door to printers to produce new packaging products, cards, labels … taking advantage of the dies.

The Uchida AeroDieCut can be purchased through Siesa in our country, and demos can be made by appointment at the showroom.