Wenglor, an ally in the packaging industry


Wenglor , an expert company in intelligent sensor and image processing technologies, develops innovative devices, specially designed for industries such as packaging. Among them, the B60 smart cameras, the P3 distance sensors with laser triangulation and the inductive ring sensors stand out.

Smart cameras B60

Wenglor presents the B60 series of smart cameras, devices that have an expandable modular housing design with accessory components that can be replaced quickly and without tools, as well as a high degree of integration, thanks to the numerous industrial interfaces. In addition, they have a button with several functions and visual indicators for easy operation.

B60 C Mount

The B60 C Mount model is a high-performance smart camera with C Mount connection, specially designed for machine vision applications that require flexibility in lens selection and adaptability to specific requirements.

Other features:

  • Easy to connect lighting using Y connector.
  • Wide range of external lighting.
  • Suitable lenses for each work range.
  • Different optical filters suitable for each application.

B60 autofocus

The Autofocus B60 model, for its part, is a highly modular smart camera model with a powerful piezoelectric autofocus that offers a fast and efficient way to focus on objects at different working distances.

Other features:

  • Durable piezoelectric autofocus for fast, quiet focusing.
  • Two different opening angles (narrow and wide).
  • Tool-less interchangeable lighting modules (white, IR, RGBW).
  • Lighting and lens filter with magnetic mount.

P3 Distance sensors with laser triangulation

Triple convincing: TripleA technology. Where complex shapes are measured, surfaces and colors of objects vary, and maximum precision (on the order of microns) and temperature-stable measurement values ​​are required, the triangulation laser distance sensors of the P3 series deploy “ unparalleled performance, and in triplicate.”

  • Adaptive Autoexposure. Intelligent exposure control for optimal detection of difficult surfaces with changing reflections.
  • Activate Temperature. Control Several temperature sensors integrated in the housing ensure optimal temperature control and thus faster sensor availability.
  • Aspheric Dual Lens. Two aspherical glass lenses integrated into the sensor provide a significant increase in optical precision.

The P3 series laser distance sensors have a small laser light spot with a size between 0.5 and 1.5 mm and are available with red and blue laser light. In addition, they increase performance with very dark objects and extremely high speeds thanks to the activation of laser class 1 to 2.

Suitable for measuring on polished metals, shiny plastic surfaces and dark paints, they feature a short wave blue laser light for high precision, ideal for shiny, organic and incandescent surfaces.

Inductive ring sensors

Inductive ring sensors are available with static and dynamic operating principles, and allow fast and reliable detection of small metal parts in hoses, even in the presence of contamination.

Use in narrow spaces

Thanks to its compact format and weproTec technology, several sensors can be installed directly next to each other without interfering with each other.

Intuitive user operation

Thanks to parameterization and the IO-Link interface, parameters and process data can be read and processed safely.

Plug & Play

“Plug & Play” inductive ring sensors can be easily installed and put into operation quickly without the need for prior adjustments.

Correction factor 1

Thanks to the correction factor 1, the inductive ring sensors reliably detect objects made of various non-ferrous metals from a size of 2 mm.