What should you do before buying a packaging machine?


As a large-scale durable machine, the packaging machine will have a greater impact on the current packaging work for a long period of time. Therefore, in order to choose and purchase a packaging machine that meets the needs, it is necessary to make sufficient preparations before purchasing the packaging machine.

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Part One: Preliminary evaluation of the packaging machine manufacturer

The selection of packaging machine manufacturers focuses on the comprehensive factory capacity, including the industry experience of these packaging machine manufacturers, the comprehensive manufacturing capacity of manufacturers, the production and manufacturing speed of packaging machines, the delivery time, the reputation of suppliers, and other relevant details.

In this section, we provide you with three selection steps.

First: To formulate a reasonable selection scheme for packaging machine manufacturers.

The selection scheme of packaging machine manufacturers should be established according to their actual packaging needs. Please note that the actual needs here do not include the shape of the products to be packaged and the shape of the packaging bags at the moment. This part will be described in detail at the link below.

We can use 0-5 Excel to make a single score table for suppliers. For example, for the working time of a packaging machine manufacturer (the longer the predetermined working time, the richer the packaging machine manufacturer’s design and manufacturing capacity will be), 1 point can be recorded for 3 years or less, 2 points can be recorded can be recorded from 3 to 5 years, 3 points can be recorded from 5 to 8 years, 4 points can be recorded from 8 to 10 years, and 5 points can be recorded from 10 years onwards.

If you do not know how to select the packing machine manufacturer, you can click here to view the professional publication 《how to select the packing machine manufacturer》 that we prepared for you, or contact our professional engineer. We have prepared for you the document of the screening plan of the packaging machine manufacturer.

Second: Looking for qualified packing machine manufacturers

If you are not a professional packing machine wholesaler (distributor), you may not have a complete list of packing machine manufacturers. Fortunately, the Google search engine can provide us with enough useful information to search for the keyword “packaging machine manufacturer”. If you are more interested in a manufacturer in a certain country, you can also add the keyword “in XX (country)” to the above keywords.

In the search results, we can see many different websites of packaging machine manufacturers, and we recorded the information of these packaging machine manufacturers one by one in the packaging machine manufacturer selection plan document in the previous step. A word of warning: Many websites of packaging machine manufacturers look old, but that does not mean that they lack experience in manufacturing packaging machines. Because the core of packaging machine manufacturers is to manufacture packaging machines, not network marketing itself.

From another point of view, if the website information of a packaging machine supplier is updated in a timely manner and the types of machinery on the website are complete, then this should be a packaging machine manufacturer that attracts our attention.

Third: Through a thorough evaluation, please choose from 3 to 5 packaging machine manufacturers to compare them in the following link

At this point, your packaging machine manufacturer selection form should already have a lot of information. After the comprehensive rating mechanism of the form, we select from 3 to 5 companies with higher comprehensive scores as potential partners. These 3-5 packaging machine manufacturers should not have a big difference in the overall score. We need to further combine our specific product packaging needs and make in-depth comparisons in detail. To find a packaging machine manufacturer that really meets your needs.

Part two: clarify the packaging requirements of the products.

The different materials to be packed have a great impact on the manufacturing of the packing machine, such as the type of materials to be packed, the shape of the material, the production of the packaging per unit time and other factors that will directly affect the design details of the packing machine. In order to save your valuable time, Newideapack Ltd has formulated the following four most important conditions affecting the selection of packaging machine manufacturers based on their years of experience in customized packaging machine service.

First: Confirm the final style of the bag

The packaging bag style is the final shape of the packaged products. The same product often has different styles of packaging bags in the wholesale and retail links. In particular, some outer packaging bags with high customization requirements put the comprehensive design and manufacturing capabilities of packaging machine manufacturers to the test.

Sometimes the shape of the outer packaging you imagine may not be suitable for the market demand, and packaging machine manufacturers have to communicate with different kinds of customers every day, and they have more opportunities to understand what kind of packaging bags the market really needs. At this time, the packaging machine manufacturer can provide you with a more suitable outer packaging design scheme and a corresponding packaging machine manufacturing scheme.

Second: Choose the corresponding packaging material (roll film or prefabricated bag)

Packaging materials can also directly affect the design and production of packaging machines. For example, flexible plastic bag packaging can be produced with roll plastic film or can be packaged directly with prefabricated plastic bags. Considering that packaging materials are usually purchased locally by packaging machine users and limited by the production level of packaging materials in different countries and regions, it is necessary to comprehensively measure the types and methods of packaging materials.

Third: determine the required packing speed

Generally, the packing speed of the packing machine can be adjusted manually to suit the packing requirements of the different objects to be packed. The fast packing ability of the packaging machine is a proof of the stable running ability of the packaging machine accessories. Stable, fast and long-term operation is a test for any packaging machine manufacturer, so it should be included as one of the considerations for further evaluation of packaging machine manufacturers.

Fourth: According to the size and weight of the products to be packaged, the corresponding packaging machine measurement system is selected

The weighing system of the packaging machine is a central component of the packaging machine. Fast and accurate weighing can have a great impact on the stable operation of the packing machine. The suitability of the weighing system depends on the object to be packaged. The assembly and disassembly of the weighing system of a large packaging machine is somewhat cumbersome, so it should also be included in one of the factors to be considered in the subsequent evaluation of packaging machine manufacturers.

Part Three: Preparation of the operation environment of the packaging machine.

The stable operation of the packaging machine is directly related to the operating environment in the process of use. Many packaging machine failures are not caused by the design defects of the packaging machine itself. If you are not a senior expert in the packaging machine industry, it is recommended that you request the professional engineer of the packaging machine manufacturer to design a professional packaging machine operation environment scheme for you.

The scheme of the packing machine operating environment generally includes the design of the power unit, the feeding system and the storage system of the packaging, and the location of various components of the packing machine in the operating environment. Don’t worry about the extra cost. This design is usually free.

First: preparation of the feeding system of the packaging machine.

The voltage of different countries varies greatly. For example, the domestic voltage in China is 220 V, and the one in Japan is 110 V. The stable operation of the packing machine requires a constant voltage supply, so it is necessary to communicate this detail when selecting the supplier of the packing machine. If the voltage does not match, an additional transformer system should be designed to ensure the smooth operation of the packaging machine.

Second: preparation of the workshop, including the placement of the loading and unloading systems.

When the designers of the packaging machine manufacturers take care of your design needs, they expect the ideal situation. In fact, the actual situation you are facing may be that the operating environment of the packing machine is too small, and the length or width of the packing machine operation workshop may not necessarily meet the operating requirements of the packing machine. Obviously, it is unlikely that you will find a suitable operating environment for a packaging machine. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with the designer of the packing machine manufacturer about how to change some designs under the existing conditions to ensure the stable operation of the packing machine under the current conditions.

Third: Heat dissipation and ventilation treatment during mechanical operation and preparation of treatment plan under special circumstances.

The packing machine will produce noise and heat during operation, so it is necessary to reasonably design the entire operating system of the packing machine. In case of special circumstances, such as a fire caused by line aging and a short circuit in the circuit caused by liquid leakage for packaging materials, mature and effective treatment schemes should be provided. If you do not know or your original packaging machine supplier does not provide you with a treatment scheme, do not worry, please contact the professional engineer of newideapack company immediately and we will give you a free treatment scheme.

Part Four: evaluation of after-sales service support of packaging machine manufacturers

  • Routine operation training of packing machine.
  • Packaging machine safety protection training.
  • Training in maintenance and maintenance of packaging machines.

The after-sales service of packaging machines is a very important factor to consider when selecting packaging machine manufacturers. It should contain the above three points. In addition, the packaging machine is likely to experience malfunctions and damage during use. If it can not be repaired, the packing machine manufacturer should send professional maintenance engineers to take care of it.

Different packing machine manufacturers have different loading standards when dealing with this kind of matters. This collection standard includes the hours of labor and the replacement of the parts of the waste packaging machines. This is directly related to its final profit, so before buying the packing machine, you should carefully contact the manufacturer of the packing machine for these items.

Fifth part: Comprehensively evaluate and select the best manufacturer and packing machine

After the exhaustive comparison of the above four steps, there should still be 1 to 3 packaging machine manufacturers with high scores in your current Excel comprehensive packaging machine manufacturers scorecard. These packaging machine manufacturers should be able to satisfy their evaluation needs in the above four steps.

Then this link is the most important central factor – money! The following are the 3 factors that should be considered in this evaluation link

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the performance of the packaging machine.
  • Price comparison of packaging machines.
  • The transaction process, especially the evaluation of payment methods.

The above is the whole content of the preparation work required before purchasing the packing machine, which mainly covers five parts: the preliminary selection of packing machine suppliers, clarifying the packaging needs of their products, the preparation of the packing machine operation environment, the subsequent process. sales service support evaluation of packaging machine manufacturers, comprehensive evaluation and selection of the best manufacturers and packaging machines. We look forward to helping you make the right choice when choosing a packaging machine manufacturer. If you have any professional problems on other packing machines, please contact our professional packing machine engineer immediately, and we will give you a free solution!