When should godet removal machines be used in the packaging industry?


In the packaging industry , efficiency and precision are paramount to ensure quality and maximize productivity in manufacturing processes. Godet extraction machines represent an essential technological solution in these processes, especially in the handling and packaging of small products.

But when should I use a godet removing machine in my packaging industry?

When should godet removal machines be used in the packaging industry

What are godet extraction machines?

Godet removal machines are automated devices designed to handle and transfer products from a processing station to specific containers or packaging. A ” godet ” is a small container or cavity that is used to place small or delicate containers for transport. They are really effective when the containers have geometric shapes, which is why they are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

These machines are characterized by their high precision and efficiency, allowing products of various consistencies to be handled and transported—from liquids to granules—without compromising the integrity or hygiene of the product. The configuration of the godets can be adjusted to handle different volumes and types of products, making them extremely versatile.

Automatic packaging removal machine

Although the extraction of the containers from the godet can be manual, our technology allows the container to be extracted automatically. This is particularly useful not only for star pad and mini pad machines, but has also proven to be a success story in linear fillers.

What advantages does it have?

  • Flexibility and precision : The godet extraction system is highly versatile, designed for future needs. This machine is designed to extract the container from the godet once it has been filled and screwed or capped. It also has a turning group to rotate the container 180º.
  • Increased productivity : The compact design and the use of efficient robotics allow handling between 50 to 400 containers per minute.
  • Careful treatment : All processes are optimized to delicately handle packaging, especially in the high-end cosmetics industry.

When should we use godet extraction machines?

The implementation of godet extraction machines is ideal in situations that require:

  • High production speed : Necessary to maintain efficient production at high volumes.
  • Packaging flexibility : Beneficial in packaging variations, allowing quick adaptations without new investments in machinery.
  • Control of delicate or dangerous products : Essential for products that require strict hygiene or safety conditions.

Benefits of godet extraction machines

Using godet extraction machines in the packaging industry offers multiple advantages:

  • Increase in productivity : Automating the packaging process allows for greater production in less time.
  • Improved precision and waste reduction : Minimizes human error and optimizes production costs.
  • Versatility and adaptability : Facilitates the expansion of the product line and adaptation to new market challenges.
  • Improvement of hygiene and safety conditions : Reduces direct manipulation.
  • Reduction in workload : Allows staff to focus on supervision and quality control, improving work ergonomics.

Godet extraction machines can be of great help in the modern packaging industry.