Packaging machines: How to automate your packaging process


If you are responsible for the logistics of a company or you need to find intelligent solutions to improve the productivity of packaging, contemplating a reduction in costs, this post is for you. Discover the power of packaging machines!

Automation of the packaging process with packaging machines

Who hasn’t dreamed of futuristic solutions in their work? Such as having an intelligent robot that solves the most difficult tasks to perform those that take too much time.

In the world of logistics and packaging, the future has arrived if we think about the great utility and technology that packaging machines use.

Thanks to technological progress, the high demand for greater efficiency in production processes, new ways of operating and many other factors, automation is a reality without which a wide variety of companies could not perform their tasks.

Although it is true that many companies are not yet immersed in the automation of an efficient packaging system, market trends show that, due to its great advantages and benefits, this action will become the norm to maximize production and reduce costs.

If you want to achieve a competitive position in the field that concerns your company, automation is an extremely important factor that can collaborate with this objective.

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Benefits of packaging machines

The implementation of the automation of the packaging system is of vital importance for the entire subsequent logistics chain to function correctly (transportation, distribution, storage).

Below we specifically detail the advantages of the inclusion of packaging machines in companies:

1. Improvement of productive efficiency

When companies start to maximize production volumes, the demands on packaging increase. Having machinery that automates this process enhances production efficiency, allowing it to increase in a relatively short period of time and at a lower cost.

On the other hand, compliance with the proposed deadlines facilitates more accurate calculations and planning, as well as generating control and coordination strategies with the entire logistics chain.

2. Uniform and precise packaging

The packaging machines guarantee precision. Let’s remember that in manual packaging there can be normal errors and human failures that can generate disparity in the packaging.

Automation always uses the same parameters adapted to the products, the same speed, pressure and force throughout the process allowing uniformity in the packaging

3. Reduction of waste

Waste is reduced in automation since the machinery is prepared to work with precision, with exact measurements while faults are strongly reduced. This ensures that the products do not deteriorate and that materials and potential consumables are not wasted.

4. Collaboration in the work of the operators

At times, the movements required during packaging can be tedious or uncomfortable for operators who must repeat them over and over again in the packaging chain. The automation of machines can alleviate the burden of workers, allowing them to devote their working hours to other types of activities within the company.

5. Reduction of costs

Undoubtedly, packaging machines are an investment that in the short term allow to reduce costs due to labor, waste or breakage of products, decrease in consumption of packaging materials, etc.

Types of packaging machines

Today there are several possibilities to automate the packaging process. Packaging machines are a cost-effective option to maximize production while reducing costs.

Before selecting the machinery, we must evaluate the problems that are being solved, the type of packaging of the company, the points of improvement, the means it has to face automation such as physical space, and what is expected with it.

The different models of machines that exist are:

Wrapping machine

It is responsible for packing the cargo by wrapping it with plastic wrap. It is ideal to save costs on plastic and to guarantee the safety of the product and the compaction on the pallet.

Strapping Machine

Its main function is to cordon the goods to the pallet. It is applied in the sealing of packages for the transfer, to join individual pieces of different sizes, compact the goods to the pallet, as well as for sealing and sealing to achieve greater security.

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Sealing machine

It can be automatic or manual, it allows the precise and uniform closing of boxes as well as the folding of their lids.

Retracting machine

Its function is to package the goods through a thermoplastic film perfectly adjusted to the dimensions of the packaging.


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